At-Home Hamstring Exercises

hamstring exercises

Hamstring Workout: Build your lower foundation

Need new ideas for a better hamstring workout? In the next installment of the at-home workout series we are going to do a hamstring workout (basically the backside of your thighs). Knowing from previous injuries that weak hamstrings can be a struggle and hard to strengthen but it can be done. Along with squats, these exercises can greatly increase the strength of your foundation – your legs.

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Hamstring Workout: Quick and effective

As with most of our at-home exercises, all that is needed are resistance bands, dumbbells, and a balance ball. Let’s get stronger.

Standing band leg curl

One way to utilize your resistance bands is to get a great hamstring workout. Place the door anchor of your resistance so it is about a foot off the floor. Place the band around your ankle or heel so it won’t roll up your leg (this might take a little playing around with the figure out). While holding onto a chair or wall for support, keep a straight posture curl your leg back contracting the hamstring. It’s almost like you are trying to hit your butt with your heel!

At-Home Hamstring Workout

Hamstring slide

This is a great way to get a hamstring workout with only your body weight. Laying on a relatively smooth surface with your knees slightly flexed, curl the heel closer to you, sliding it on the floor (you can place a towel under your heel to make it slide easier). To increase the difficulty of this move, apply more pressure to the heel to make the contraction harder.

At-Home Hamstring Workout

Ball Leg Curl

Laying on the floor with your feet on your balance ball, lift your hips off of the floor so that your shoulder blades and feet are supporting your entire bodyweight. Curl your heels up under you as close as possible. Pause and contract at this position before returning to the resting position.

At-Home Hamstring Workout

For an effective hamstring workout, perform each exercise for 12-15 repetitions for 3 sets! You can also do stiff-legged deadlifts but this is not recommended for individuals with lower back problems. Take caution if you decide to do that exercise.


Now that you have an at-home hamstring workout you can combine it with many of the other exercises we have shown you to get a total body workout!

Literally, get an incredible workout all at home with minimal equipment! Get started!

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At-Home Hamstring Exercises