4 Simple And Healthy Weight Loss Goals

weight loss goals

What You Need to Know About Weight Loss Goals

Weight loss is a fairly taboo subject these days. If you say you want to lose weight,  there is a lot of judgment on both sides about this. There are those who talk about societal norms; there are those who talk about health benefits, and there are those who give well-intentioned advice that is way off the mark.

Only you know why you want to lose weight. While we here at DIY Active love you just as you are, we also recognize some of us make weight loss goals to better ourselves. We want to give you some tips and insights on how to make health-conscious weight loss goals.

How to Set Healthy Weight Loss Goals

Step One: Recognize Your Motivation

We’ve seen a positive shift in society to embrace all body types and sizes. But some of us still don’t feel comfortable at our current weight. The first step in your weight loss journey needs to be to recognize your internal motivation for losing weight in the first place.

Are you doing it for someone else or for yourself? You likely already know which is the mentally healthier reason, so how can you make it all about yourself? Ask yourself some questions, like: What can’t you do at your current weight that you could do if you shed the excess fat? What size do you see yourself being? Do you really care about the number on the scale, or do you just want your pants to fit better?

Identify what your reason is for losing weight first, and be honest with yourself.

You can start building a framework of support once you know. If your weight loss goal is motivated externally, bring in this network to help you shed these negative motivators and do what you need to do for your health and well-being—starting with your mind!

Step Two: Decide What You’re Willing to Do

We talk a lot about workouts and diet plans on this site. Healthy foods, healthy habits, healthy minds. These are all important, of course, but goodness… you can’t do it all! You want to avoid self-sabotage, right? Great. So you need to be realistic in your planning.

What are you willing to do to make your weight loss goal happen? Will you give up chocolate? Start running 5k every other day? Do the gym grind? No? Fantastic, because no one should have to give up chocolate.

Saying no and setting boundaries matters as much as giving yourself milestones.

Pick two or three things to work on each week. The first can be as simple as drinking more water. Make two about what you put into your body and one about what you do with your body. If you don’t like to run, try swimming. Or yoga. Or weight lifting.

Step Three: Pick a Healthy Measurement System weight loss, goal setting

Yes, you need to record your progress. Our favorite method is measuring yourself. But other methods include picking an outfit that fits poorly and putting it on each week or even weighing yourself. If you choose to weigh yourself, do some research on healthy limits.

We also suggest taking honest starting and progression photos. You don’t need to share them, but it is the best way for you to see the change. Why? Because we are so accustomed to seeing our own selves every day on mirrored surfaces that we will miss the small changes that happen each week. So give yourself this visual reminder that you are making progress.

Consistency is key here, as in other aspects of your goal setting. Make an appointment with yourself each week where you do your measurements and take your photo. Friday morning motivation to stay on track for the weekend? Monday morning so you start all your healthy habits off right? Mid-week because that’s just the best time you can do it? Doesn’t matter! Just make sure it’s the same time each week.

Step Four: Live a Little

Listen. Being consistent matters, but don’t miss out on the big events. Weddings, birthdays, holidays… they’re going to happen, and you don’t want to miss out.

The key to enjoying yourself is to set boundaries with the people you are going with so they know from the get-go that you are still going to make healthier choices that evening.

Pick more veggie options than stuffed pastries, or do the dreaded vodka water instead of the grenadine-laden mixed cocktail. Get up and dance and choose to stand more often than sitting down, if possible.

For every alcoholic drink you have, have water—you’ll thank yourself in the morning when you’re hydrated and not super hungover from the booze and sugars. And this way you won’t miss your next workout! (Wishful thinking?)

Step Five: Ask for Help

Okay, so you’ve tried these tips and you’re still struggling. We get it. The good thing is that you have friends! Bug them to come out with you for a walk, jog, or weight training session.

Alternatively, you can get a coach. Personal trainers are at every gym, but you can also get someone to come to your house. Then there are yoga studios, swim instructors, community hiking groups, etc. Put a little Google into it and you’ll find someone who shares your interest and enthusiasm for weight loss or a healthier lifestyle.

Read articles like this one to figure out better workouts. Or this one on diet planning. Or maybe this one on how meditation can help you be more focused and stay on track.


There are 100 things you can do to lose weight. You need to find what works for you; something that fits your lifestyle so that you can stick with it. Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight and it can be difficult to follow through. Use these tips to make healthy and realistic goals for yourself so you can stay on track and get success!

4 Simple And Healthy Weight Loss Goals