5 Ways to Make Exercise Cost You

5 Ways to Make Exercise Cost You

Make Exercise Cost Your: Here’s How

Quotes, selfies, pep talks, and even fitness partners can all provide you with an amazing amount of motivation. Sometimes that doesn’t even cut it! When you are in the “couch zone” nothing can drag your butt off that couch… except maybe losing money? Ready to make exercise cost you?

Make exercise cost you – really?

No one wants to lose money and many people will go to extreme measure in order NOT to do so!

People will do anything to save money or get free stuff (I’m pretty sure in college I would have done anything for a free t-shirt). Although money may not be the best motivator, it can be very effective.

5 Ways to Make Exercise Cost You

If you can’t seem to get motivated, a last-ditch effort could be to make exercise cost you! Here’s how:

1. Personal Trainer/Classes

No brainer here! This is quite easily the most well-known way to make you drag your butt to the gym. Sign-up for a number of personal trainer sessions and I guarantee you will get to the gym considering most sessions cost anywhere from $40 to $75 an hour!

You won’t miss or reschedule a session at the last minute either. With most trainers, you forfeit the session if you miss it or try to change it at the very last minute! These can be great though especially if you develop a good relationship with your trainer! Another option is to purchase some fitness class sessions, the same principles apply!

2. Getting Rid of Your “Fat Clothes”

One way to make exercise cost you is when you start implementing healthy lifestyle choices and you start to see results (trust me you will) make sure to implement this step!

Here’s what you do; after losing enough weight where your clothes don’t fit anymore and you have to buy new ones, give away your old clothes!

I’m serious, that will tell you there is no going back to that lifestyle, ever! If you do go back, it’s going to cost you substantially to re-purchase an entirely new wardrobe! Lose the weight, ditch the clothes, never ever go back!

3. Smaller Outfit

Another tip to make exercise cost you is to make your workouts cost you by buying a dress or a swimsuit that is a couple of sizes too small and have that within clear view in your room until you achieve your goal; fitting into it!

Not only will seeing that outfit every single day be incredibly motivating, but the fact that you spent your hard-earned money on something you can’t even use will be a major motivator to get up and active! Slimming down will allow you to enjoy that amazing dress, swimsuit, or pair of jeans!

4. Rewards

The tip above could also fall into this category. Basically, reward yourself for staying with your exercise plan while also making missed workouts cost you! Do you plan to workout 4 times this week? Make each successful workout worth money that you can spend on what you love.

If you miss the workout, that’s money off the table!

This one is hard to implement without the help of a friend to keep you honest, so this could be the system you set up with a fitness partner! Maybe place a nice friendly wager with a friend, so you can earn money by making it to the gym and actually lose money by missing your workouts!

5. Exercise Coaching

Lastly, you can make exercise cost you by thinking about hiring an exercise coach. Exercise coaches can be great because they set you up with a weekly plan that you can do for an entire month or get a new plan every week! They also offer motivational techniques to keep you on the path to fitness; which when put together can be an effective combination!

5 Ways to Make Exercise Cost YouOne of the best parts about hiring an exercise coach is that it empowers you through knowledge. You get to learn what an ideal workout looks like and how it can work the entire body!

This basically allows you to be your own personal trainer, working out when and wherever you want! Also, you put forward the money so you are more than likely to carry out all of the workouts! This is a good option if you can’t work out at the gym regularly.

You can get plans designed for workouts at home, on the go, or at the gym! If you want to become your own trainer, you may want to consider exercise coaches.


We all sometimes need more motivation than the normal inspiring quotes and pictures. Financial implications can be a massively huge motivational tool that you can employ.

Although to really be successful in your fitness endeavors it is better to instill a deep burning desire to succeed and an eternal burning motivation, this type of motivation might help you get the ball rolling and developing these traits!

Whichever you choose, stick to it and you will achieve amazing results!

Make exercise cost you, empower yourself, build your confidence, and get the results you want and deserve!

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5 Ways to Make Exercise Cost You