Tired of the Gym? Lose Weight the Fun Way

fun ways to lose weight

Tired of the gym? Change it up

Lose weight the fun way – you don’t have to be tied to a gym for every single workout you do! Take charge of your health and live life on your own terms – that’s what the DIY nation is all about!

If you’re tired of the gym try these tips

Are you overweight and seriously yearning for something to change the situation? If so, then there are fun and exciting ways to lose weight, but you can’t expect an overnight weight transformation.

Weight loss is a journey and a responsibility, which can sometimes cause you to go out of your comfort zone, withstand temptations, and set realistic goals.

It is worth noting that it is significant to celebrate even small milestones or accept mistakes and setbacks and be set to act on them. Furthermore, maintain a proper record of your progress and share your achievements with close friends and family to motivate you.

Tired of the Gym Lose Weight the Fun WayHence, here are surefire ways to lose weight that you should exploit.

Sleep your way skinnier

Seven to nine hours of slumber each night can turn your weight loss goals into a reality.

Adequate sleep is known to affect the levels of ghrelin and leptin hormones that usually regulate your appetite. Ghrelin hormone signals your body when you are hungry while leptin hormone will make it aware when you are satisfied or full.

Consequently, quality and quantity of sleep will help you in maintaining the two hormones at a suitable balance which can be quite essential in weight loss.

Therefore, ensure that you improve your sleeping conditions, avoid substance abuse hours before bedtime, and cultivate a healthy relationship with your partner to help you achieve weight loss with ease.

Watch horror movies

Watching movies may be your hobby, but there is a way that you can turn it to favor your weight loss goals by watching horror movies during your free time.

Noteworthy, in the middle of horror movies, you will find that for a few moments your heart will leap and the resulting effect is a thudding chest, increased breathing, and adrenaline rush in the body. This will speed up your basal metabolic rate that implies the churning of excess calories in the body.

Additionally, the idea of a victim being ripped asunder by a monster will ultimately kill your appetite.

As such, the horror movies to watch are those that startle you, and hence with it, you will burn up to 110 calories in a spell of a 90-minute horror movie.

This is awesome since you will lose weight while sitting on your own couch.

Eat what you enjoy and watch what you eat

What you eat definitely has a direct impact on your weight and a good way to start is keeping a food diary for a number of days to help you monitor what you eat and drink.

In all foods that you consume, take calorie counts and devise a way to eat what you not only enjoy, but also what can help you shed a few pounds.

Your diet should be mainly veggies, fruits, and fiber-rich carbs, and proteins.

Moreover, make sure that you eat breakfast because it helps you maintain healthy blood sugar levels essential in appetite control. The serving size of your food may not be a problem, but what is on the plate matters.

You should as well cut on the number of sugars you take by drinking plenty of water as opposed to sodas.

Laugh your way to weight loss

You should engage in daily activities that can boost your moods which can help keep your blood–sugar levels at a healthy level. Such activities may include: going to a comedy club, reading funny pages, seeking out funny people, dancing, sharing good jokes or funny stories, playing with a pet, goofing around with children, and even engaging in karaoke among others.

Humor and laughter is the best medicine that can create stable blood sugar levels in the body necessary for appetite control. Moreover, laughter is internal jogging that can help the conversion of glucose into energy and thus helpful in losing.

Engage in fun workout routines

Tired of the Gym? Lose Weight the Fun Way

Engaging in the same workout routines over time makes it inappropriate and an obligation rather than a helpful activity.

Hence, in order to shed calories faster, it is essential that you have fun through participation in extreme sports such as surfing, skating, pole dance, batuka, Hula Hoops, twerking [Note: this is my secret for staying in shape!], skiing, skateboarding, paragliding, mountain biking, ice climbing, and canoeing among others.

However, it is important to avail the necessary equipment in undertaking such extreme sports to help you achieve your goals and be safe at all times.

For instance, when it comes to surfing carry along with wetsuits, booties, gloves, and hoods.


There you have it. If you are tired of the gym and looking for a change try a few of these ideas.

Although I would never watch horror movies (I’m a wuss), these are some great ways to change it up! Tired of the gym? There are plenty of alternatives!

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Tired of the Gym? Lose Weight the Fun Way