Your 3-Week Workout Plan: Fitness Challenge

3 week workout plan

Fitness Challenge: It starts today

You may be a long-time follower and have read all the articles and implemented some of our tips but you just can’t seem to stick with anything. Well, let’s do this 3-week fitness challenge together. This is a complete startup guide to get you out of your sedentary funk and start making changes in your life! Let’s take charge of your health with this 3-week fitness challenge as our gift to you!

Get started on this fitness challenge

If you take this fitness challenge you will see changes in your body composition.

You may not lose 20 pounds but you will notice that your clothes fit differently, you have more energy, your knees don’t hurt as bad, or you can even walk further without losing your breath!

Take the challenge and start on your path to reaching the results you want! All you have to do is implement 3 nutritional guidelines, 3 exercise guidelines, and 3 motivational guidelines.

Pledge to do these things and you will start to notice changes after 3 weeks!


1. Cut out sugary drinks

Your 3 Week Fitness Challenge

Completely cut out soda if you are drinking it because it is nothing but wasted, empty calories. Cutting out one 140 calories of soda a day adds up to almost 4000 calories a month and over 14 pounds worth of calories a year!

Instead, drink water flavored with Crystal Light in order to flavor it up a bit!

2. Replace processed snacks for nuts and fruits

These make the perfect convenient snack and can be taken to work. Likewise, they are full of energy propelling nutrients and fiber which makes you feel fuller longer!

Plus fruit is sweet if you are having a sweets craving. Put down the crap snack and pick up a natural, healthy snack.

3. Make vegetables a staple in your diet

This is a big one! No matter what, half of your plate each meal should be vegetables (non-starchy veggies).

If you hate them eat them with toppings (cheese even ranch) until you start to get used to them and wean yourself off the toppings.

This is really a key in weight loss because you can eat so many of them for a small calorie intake. This will keep you fuller longer and you can eat them until you are too stuffed to eat things like dessert. Eat more vegetables to lose weight!


1. Walk or be active for 45 minutes EVERY day

If you take this challenge you must pledge to walk at least 45 minutes each day. I’m serious! A brisk walk will get the blood flowing, calories burning and increase your exercise capacity.

Being active every single day is how you get results, they don’t come all at once! Just think, if you burn only 250 calories in a walking session,
that’s 7000 calories a month, and over 25 pounds worth of calories a year! It ADDS up!

2. Strength train 3 times a week

Try a strength training program for a week and perform it 3 times! Perform each exercise for 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions (conditioning dependent). You will only need a pair of dumbbells to do these exercises at home.

3. No matter what you do keep a high intensity

When you workout you must workout at a high intensity!

Not so fast where you have crappy form and hurt yourself but to where you have an elevated heart rate the entire time! This helps you burn calories, gets the workout done quicker, and increases the number of calories you burn post-exercise (EPOC effect)!

Go hard and you will start to see the results you’ve been missing!


1. Log what you do

Your 3 Week Fitness ChallengeLog all of your activities! As you progress throughout the weeks you will see how many days in a row you have stayed active (or how many you haven’t) and that will motivate you to keep going.

Likewise, towards the end of the challenge, you can see how much stronger you have gotten which will also provide motivation to continue!

2. Pre-challenge selfies

People don’t believe me when I tell them this, but selfies can really be one of the biggest motivational tools to help you get what you want.

As you progress you will notice slight changes that can be incredibly motivating! You may notice a bulge or two is gone or you may notice your arms are slimmer, either way, you will be insanely motivated to keep it up!

3. Get a friend to do it with you

Got a friend in the same boat as you? Maybe you have a friend at the gym and you both are getting bored with your routine. Well try this together it will encourage and motivate both of you to be healthier! Trust me on this one.


There you have it, the 3-week fitness challenge. Implement these 9 steps and you will notice changes after 3 weeks!  Let us know how this goes for you and let us know about your transformation after 3 weeks!

We truly want you to succeed and love hearing about your successes.

Here’s to you and your health, now go out there and take charge of it!

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Your 3-Week Workout Plan: Fitness Challenge