Beyond Body vs Perfect Body vs DoFasting vs fitMom

Beyond Body vs Perfect Body vs DoFasting vs FitMom

By Josh Anderson | Updated March 23rd, 2023

Let’s face it, we are inundated with options when it comes to healthy meal plans, workouts, health programs…etc.

It’s incredibly difficult to find which one works for you. Well, today we will try to help with that by looking at four products all from the same family: Beyond Body, Perfect Body, DoFasting, and fitMom.

Each one is built to be personalized to you from a short quiz you take in the onboarding process. But each has it’s own benefits and use cases.

We will dive into each of them and look at the pros and cons and provide you with more in-depth reviews if you are interested in learning more! It’s Beyond Body vs Perfect Body vs DoFasting vs FitMom!

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Beyond Body

  1. Ideal for those looking for a physical product and upfront pricing
  2. Format: Physical book or ebook
  3. Personalized and unique diet plan
  4. Over 1000 meal options
  5. Nutrition made simple
  6. Easy-to-follow recipes
  7. Upfront pricing – no hidden fees
  8. Get started in 3 minutes

Used by more than 200,000 happy clients from 70 countries.

Beyond Body is a personalized wellness and fitness book built to help people who seek reliable methods for reaching optimal well-being.

Each copy of this book is personalized as it will be created according to your inputs from a short quiz.

How Does Beyond Body Work?

Each Beyond Body book contains a 28-day meal plan made of your preferred foods to ensure not only your success towards optimal well-being but the enjoyment of eating healthy.

So, you will be encouraged here to feel free to combine your favorite ingredients as much as you want.

On top of that, you will be provided with healthy cooking guidelines in order to reduce any cooking confusion.

Just like a personalized meal plan, your workout routine will be prepared similarly too.

Both the training guide and workout plan will be created according to your quiz answers. So, each book’s workouts are generated to assist you in achieving your fitness goals.

Apart from meals, workouts, and quizzes, this book covers other wellness essentials such as well-being, sleeping impact (get plenty of shut-eye), mindfulness, stress relief techniques, healthy living, and achieving the mythical work-life balance.

How Much Does Beyond Body Cost?

The physical copy of the Beyond Body book is $33 upfront, meaning for this simple option there are no recurring fees!

Deep Dives and Exclusive Offers

Ready to get started with Beyond Body or want more info?

Here’s our full Beyond Body review.

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Perfect Body

  1. Ideal for those looking for continued support and modifications
  2. Format: App
  3. Personalized and unique diet plan
  4. 24/7 support
  5. Over 1000 meal options
  6. Nutrition made simple
  7. Easy-to-follow recipes with shopping lists
  8. Flexible pricing plans – no hidden fees
  9. Get started in 5 minutes

The Perfect Body App is available to help you meet your fitness and health goals with a personalized plan.

How Does Perfect Body Work?

Perfect Body uses certified dieticians to customize each individual meal plan to make sure that it will meet your needs, dietary preferences, and weight loss goals.

Because of the personalized nature of Perfect Body, you can also receive 24/7 support and adjustability. If your weight loss goals or activity levels change at some point, you can be confident that your meal plan will be changed quickly to accommodate.

If you worry that you won’t like the meals chosen for you, you also have the freedom to pick from over 1000 meals that fit your diet and preferences.

In order to specialize your nutritional plan to meet your needs, Perfect Body starts you off with a quick, 3-minute quiz.

By combining all of this information, a dietician is able to make a meal plan that will help you lose weight while still staying satisfied and healthy.

Perfect Body is also a great choice for those who have struggled with other diet plans due to their strict and rigid nature. Perfect Body is specially designed to adjust with you, meet your needs, and match your preferences.

How Much Does Perfect Body Cost?

While the exact cost of your diet plan may change depending on a number of circumstances, including the duration you plan to subscribe for, what you think you are paying is exactly what you will pay.

Perfect Body charges less per week for a longer subscription (12 months) than it does for its shorter (6 months) or shortest (3 months) plans.

Deep Dives and Exclusive Offers

Ready to get started with Perfect Body or want more info?

Here’s our Full Perfect Body review.

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  1. Ideal for those looking for a full comprehensive intermittent fasting plan
  2. Format: App
  3. Personalized and unique diet plan based on Intermittent Fasting
  4. Over 1000 meal options
  5. Nutrition made simple
  6. Flexible pricing plans – no hidden fees
  7. Get started in 60 seconds

All it takes is a 60-second quiz, and DoFasting will introduce you to the world of personalized recipes, 4 different fitness trackers, simple workout routines, and a massive library of educational resources.

What makes this app really interesting is the main idea behind it – DoFasting was developed around the concept of intermittent fasting as the basis of a healthy lifestyle.

How Does DoFasting Work?

Each incoming user gets to complete a short questionnaire about their current lifestyle and goals that will help the app’s algorithms determine their plan.

Once you’re logged into the app, you either follow the recommended guidelines or roam free and explore.

Overall, there are 7 different fasting schedules to choose from, and they all come with guidelines and tips. You can track your fasts easily with the app’s fasting tracker.

You also get a water tracker, step tracker, calorie tracker, and weight tracker right there in the app!

There are thousands of healthy recipes to choose from for your daily meals. Many come under 10 minutes, which is handy if you’re not a frequent visitor in your kitchen.

The DoFasting app does an excellent job of explaining everything you need to know about fasting, its benefits, and different methods from zero.

You can join the app completely “green” and become a fasting expert in a matter of weeks or even days.

DoFasting also offers various articles written by their in-house fasting experts, daily motivational notifications, and educational tips.

How Much Does DoFasting Cost?

New DoFasting users can choose from 3 different subscription packages. With a special 75% discount for the longest plan and 50% discount for the others, the pricing comes down to this:

  • 6-month subscription: $2.50 per week
  • 3-month subscription: $3.49 per week
  • 1-month subscription: $7.51 per week

Deep Dives and Exclusive Offers

Ready to get started with DoFasting or want more info?

Here’s our Full DoFasting review.

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  1. Ideal for moms
  2. Personalized and unique workout plans
  3. At-home workout videos
  4. Daily motivation and helpful tips
  5. Easy-to-follow program
  6. Personalized meal plans
  7. Food recommendations for faster recovery
  8. Flexible pricing plans – no hidden fees
  9. Get started in 2 minutes

On average, 75 out of 100 women were still heavier 1 year postpartum than they were before pregnancy.

So, if you haven’t bounced back to your normal weight after the baby – you’re not alone! Just know that it is possible to regain your body again.

How Does fitMom Work?

fitMom has a team of experts who dedicate their time preparing personalized workout and meal plans, cherry-picked to reflect the main focus points for post-pregnancy body recovery.

fitMom eases new moms into weight loss one step at a time. It takes current weight and goal weight to create a healthy weight loss program so it would be possible to lose those extra pounds without restricting yourself.

It also eases you back into exercise with moves that do not require special equipment. These workouts are also specifically designed to target areas that new moms are conscious about, like tummy and legs.

The plan also includes personalized weekly meal plans and shopping lists. No need to browse for the recipes. All of them are easy and quick to make, yet nutritious and tasty for the entire family to enjoy. Additionally, they are safe for the baby if the new mom is breastfeeding.

Finally, the fitMom app tracks weight loss progress. It’s possible to adjust the program according to the changes in 28 days and create more strict goals. If everything is going great and the customer feels like they have achieved what they wanted, they can adjust the program to help them stay that way.

fitMom pays attention to any pregnancy-related injuries, for example, diastasis recti.

How Much Does fitMom Cost?

While the price varies depending on the length of the plan you choose, what you will pay is clearly written upfront.

Because the hardest work is to create the personalized plan, fitMom charges less for a longer subscription (6 months) rather than short ones like a 3-month or 1-month plan.

Deep Dives and Exclusive Offers

Ready to get started with fitMom or want more info?

Here’s our full fitMom review.

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Wrap-Up: Beyond Body vs Perfect Body vs DoFasting vs FitMom

There are many more options out there but we wanted to cover these 4 that take into account the answers from your quiz to build you a personalized plan!

Best of luck with the path you choose!

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