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Fluidstance Review: How to Improve Balance

Looking to Improve Your Balance? Sitting all day can really take its toll on your body. From tight hips to just terrible posture, it's time...


Top 5 Pro Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Secrets... control your health? Getting healthy and losing weight isn’t rocket science, but damn it can be hard! It’s all about doing the...

High Intensity: Monitoring Your Workout Intensity

High Intensity: Go hard to burn the most calories We recently came across a study on Science Daily that was about how simple resistance training (PreEx...



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Best Home Gym Equipment On A Budget

Budget-Friendly Fitness Equipment Exercising is essential for everyone, especially for people with a sedentary lifestyle. The vast majority of us sit for long hours only...


Best Ab Exercise? How to Do a Reverse Crunch Correctly

Best Ab Exercise Despite the abundance of exercises for your abs, only a few can be considered effective. The rest are just variations. Reverse crunches...

5 Ways to Workout at Home for Muscle Building

Workout At Home For Muscle Building Establishing a regular routine of working out is important for overall health and wellness. However, sometimes making it to...

Top 5 Exercises to Build Muscle

Build Muscle With These Exercises Looking to build muscle and blast calories? Duh! Look no further than these classic strength moves which you can implement into your routine to help you burn calories and build muscle! This expert breaks down 5...

7 Easy Yoga Poses For Beginners

Get Started With These Easy Yoga Exercises We all know yoga can increase our flexibility and help us "chill out" (who couldn't relax a little...

5 Best Kettlebell Exercises

Get Fit with These Kettlebell Exercises Needing a way to spice up your workout? Ever tried using a kettlebell? Kettlebells make for a great...
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Avocado Tuna Salad Recipe What do you get when you take two foods that we love most in the world and combine them? You get...





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7 Simple Ways to Boost Your Mental Energy

The Best Ways to Energize Your Mind When 2 p.m. rolls around, does your attention start to wander? Does your productivity level drop? Does your...
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Best Personal Trainer Certification Programs

If you've been willing to do a personal trainer certification but can't decide on which program to pick, you're not alone! With dozens of...
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How to Stay Active in the Winter Months

Stay Winter Active With These Tips Winter is here. Depending on where you live, you may be experiencing snow, ice, plummeting temperatures, and the overwhelming...
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The Essential Guide to Fascia Training

How To Fascia Training Guide Fascia Training is a relatively new concept to make it into the fitness world, where the focus is placed on...
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7 Ways to Keep a Healthy Lifestyle, Despite a Busy Schedule

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Busy People In this hectic world, sometimes it seems that you have no time at all. Not for your family, your...

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