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The Role of Nutrition in Alcohol Addiction Recovery: 7 Tips and Advice

Holistic Approach to Alcohol Addiction Recovery Alcohol addiction is a multifaceted and challenging condition that affects millions of individuals worldwide. The journey towards recovery can...


7 Fitness Questions Answered by the Expert Michal Okmianski

Your Fitness Questions Answered We always love hearing the answers to fitness questions from the health and wellness experts out there. Michal Okmianski is definitely...

How to Improve Brain Function

Boost Your Brain Function Your wellbeing depends on, both physical and mental health. Therefore, apart from taking care of your body, you should take care...



Top 3 Paleo Diet Tips For Beginners

Want Some Paleo Diet Tips for Beginners? The Paleo diet is all the rage these days. Ever thought about eating more naturally? Try these easy-to-follow...

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How Jiu-Jitsu Teaches Really Good Self Defense

Jiu-Jitsu Teaches Really Good Self Defense Learning self-defense is essential. When it comes to learning how to defend yourself, there are so many options to...


Workout to Burn Fat: 12 Minute Workout

Body Burn Workout In Minutes No sweat if you can’t make it to the gym, and can't find that extra hour to devote to a...

The Weekend Warrior Workout Warrior Workout: Conquer Your Weekends It's the weekend... are you going to work out? Hmm, that's a really good question. We don't have time for...

Stressed? Reduce Stress with This Yoga Sequence

How to Reduce Stress With Yoga Stress takes its toll on our health in a variety of ways including trouble sleeping, poor digestion, lack of...

7 Effective Exercises For At Home Results

Effective Exercises At Home... Portability, intensity, and convenience are the three main factors people look for to get an effective workout on the go. Check...

Workouts For A Flatter Stomach

Effective Workout In Anywhere Getting a quick and effective workout in with minimal equipment is an important factor in anyone’s fitness-focused lifestyle. We recently got...
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Seafood Dishes for Beginners Seafood is a healthy, relatively affordable source of protein. It may be your only choice on Fridays in Lent or meatless...





Fasting and Gut Bacteria

Fasting and Gut Bacteria: Things You Need to Know

Intermittent Fasting: Impact on Gut Health and Overall Wellness Intermittent fasting is more than just a weight loss strategy; it's a lifestyle choice that can...
body sculpting home workout

Simple Body Sculpting Home Workout

The Body Sculpting Home Workout Legs, arms, core...etc. simple home workouts that hit the entire body is what living an active lifestyle is all about....
core tightening exercises

Core Tightening Exercises In 30 Minutes Or Less

The Core Tightening Workout We all want a rock-solid core and toned abs. But what exactly should we do? From reducing the love handles to shrinking...
Fitness for Aging: Tailoring Workouts for Different Life Stages

Tips for Acing Your Fitness Certification Exam

So, you’ve decided to take on the challenge of acing your fitness certification exam, huh? Well, you’re in the right place! Getting ready for...
Chest Shoulders and Triceps Workout

Balancing Work-Life as a Fitness Trainer: Complete Guide

Juggling the world of fitness training with everyday life can feel like trying to spin too many plates at once. In the hustle and...

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